You want to use METAFOLIN in your next product?  That’s EXTREMELY difficult to source and incredibly expensive.  It produces methanol as a byproduct of its metabolism.  It’s hard to use and not many people have it.  Good luck!

—– Consultant that thought I was being unrealistic

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My name’s Jonathan Bechtel.  I own a supplement company called Health Kismet and started these forums after repeatedly getting asked certain questions over and over about how the industry works.

If you want to know about the forums you should know that I definitely hope you take the time to join the conversation and get whatever you can out of them.  We don’t bite. This site is designed for anyone currently involved in the nutraceutical industry and anyone who’s curious about how it works, or just conscious about their health in general.  (If you’re a health kismet customer you can feel free to use these however you’d like).

I’m hoping it wil form its own collective intelligence for the industry, but we’ll see how far we get.

If you’ve ever tried to make inroads into the supplement industry you were probably met with a thicket of obfuscation and conflicting information. And as we all know the stuff you find out from your friends is the easiest to trust and in the supplement world there’s an empty forest when it comes to that type of information.

The industry mostly consists of sociopathic fiefdoms that invest a lot of resources in patrolling their guilds.

Hopefully this site will make it easier to connect the dots.

About Me and My Company

I started Health Kismet in 2011 with my own money and so far it’s going pretty well.  In the big scheme of things I am NOT a big success compared to many other companies, but I was able to take very ordinary starting conditions and turn that into 300% year over year growth and am still going strong.

This includes developing two additional products, setting up distribution in two other countries, getting a little bit of retail distribution, and developing a deep knowledge of the industry out of necessity.  (If you don’t start with a lot of money you have to compensate with thoroughness and expertise).

You can read a little bit about how it got started and how it’s doing here, here, and here.

I’m completely self-funded and am currently developing a powdered formula for mood support.  You can almost think of it as a combination of ovaltine and pot, except everything’s legal and good for you.

In general I love business but don’t like how most businesses take on the characteristics of a sociopath.  In our normal life we hate sociopathy but in the world of commerce have come to accept it as normal.  I think that’s dumb.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you stick around!

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