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    Coffee is an addictive beverage to the ones who love it. The coffee lovers are very particular about the coffee they intake and in some cases their packaging too. Nowadays, coffee bags have emerged and this has been a blessing for them. Coffee bags are excellent as it doesn’t allow the outside moisture to enter and damage the coffee beans inside. Thus it helps in storing the coffee beans for a longer duration. Dura-Pack offers the best packaging for the coffee. It offers coffee bags and coffee pouches in a huge variety. It also sells coffee packaging machines and equipments. Dura-Pack is the ultimate packaging for coffee as it allows natural gases to pass in the pack through technological methods. This helps in keeping the coffee fresh for a longer period of time. Dura-Pack helps small business in achieving their packaging needs. Dura-Pack has two types of packaging – Stock bags and Custom bags.

    Stock bags

    Dura-Pack offers premium quality stock bags. It acts as a barrier to the external moisture and protects the coffee beans and increases its durability. There are many assortments for stock bags.

    According to its style
    – Flat (pillow), Stand Up and Side Gusset.

    According to its appearance
    – Clear, Clear front/Solid Back, Window and Craft.

    Custom Bags

    Dura-Pack offers its customers customized bags. According to the preference of the customers the coffee bags are designed. Small industries outsource their coffee bags packaging process to Dura-Pack with all the necessary and preferred requirements like – brand name, logo and the color of the pack. Dura-Pack helps its customers by manufacturing all the desired and preferred bags of each one. This, packaging also helps small industries in increasing their brand value. Dura-Pack provides incredible printing services.

    Dura-Pack is one of the most preferred coffee bags as it provides premium quality bags and the prices compliment the quality.

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