Making the Product By Yourself

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    Time consuming, but doable.

    She made about 200-300 a day if I remember correctly.

    She did NOT do any labeling, just capsule making.

    Labeling and bottling is probably not that expensive if you buy adhesive ones and apply them yourself. She also only had 1 ingredient. I think it gets complicated pretty quickly if you had multiple ones you had to do yourself.

    So all in all it didn’t change my opinion on it much…….doable for a small batch w/ the right formula, not something you ought to plan on doing yourself for a long time.

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    i looked into this but decided i just do not have the patience for it and measurements seem like they’d be very difficult.


    Most of these websites just the products on the portal. I have shopped from almost all of them. Nowadays in love with sites offering limited, good quality products like clothes, shoes etc.

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    New online shopping sites are emerging with the purpose of fixing a problem every day in Nigeria, which makes the competition fierce and, on the other hand, makes things better for consumers, because when the competition in business, customers benefit it happens.

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