SD card slot manufacturing issue?

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    I have significant a number of xu4 boards with sd card issues. I have found that the sd card is not being detected when inserting or removing the sd card. Booting from the emmc with the sd card in means I can read and write to the sd card but if I remove it linux still thinks it is inserted and thus will not unmount or re mount it if I insert it again. If I boot without the sd card it will simply not be detected when on insertion. (No dmesg, No /dev/mmcblk1, nothing in fdisk -l).I can get it to work while in uboot environment using mmc rescan so the sd card can work when forced to but it still does not detect insertion or removal.I have tried solvent contact cleaners, but without success.My question is, are other people experiencing the same problem and is there something happening during the manufacturing process I need to be aware of?

    Please help.

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