Thoughts on Vegan D3?


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    hi Jonathan. i was asked by someone the other day about the source of D3 in supplements and so i had to educate myself because i had assumed it was probably manufactured though a clever biochemical process. instead, as best i can make out, most D3 is derived from lanolin, the oily substance on sheep wool.

    i have no problem with lanolin-derived D3, but this person did and asked about lichen-derived D3 as he seems to lean towards the vegan end of the spectrum.

    i wasn’t aware of the lichen D3 and wondered if you knew much about it. like, does anyone supply it in powdered form, or is it only available as an oil? in other words, if you were helping a client formulate and they wanted to include a vegan D3 in a powdered supplement, is that possible and relatively straight forward, or does the requirement of powdered D3 more or less force you to use a non-vegan source like lanolin?


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    You should be able to use powdered vegan D3 but you have to go through specialty suppliers.

    It’s not a commodity product — the lichen based D3 is developed by a company called ESB Developments which typically sells their products in the US through VitaShine.

    PLT Health also markets a whole food, plant based form of D3 but I’ve never worked with them directly and as far as I know it’s not in circulation as much as the ESB form. I tried contacting PLT about it but never heard back from them.

    Expect to pay a lot more for this. Structurally there is no difference between the vegan and non-vegan D3. From a nutritional standpoint they can be considered equals IMO.

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