Rules for Posting

If you’re thinking about joining our community here, I want to communicate two very important thoughts to you before you begin:

1).  Thank you.  I hope you find it rewarding.

2).  There are a few rules you should know about and follow before you begin.

Of course all the normal rules of typical etiquette are in play here, but I know you already know that.

But here are some important points that are specific to the nature of our forums.

Understand Where Transparency Ends and Privacy Begins

One of the appealing aspects about this place is that it shines a light on a corner of the world that’s typically hidden from plain sight.

That’s very valuable, but all businesses rely on a certain amount of secret information and this place is more valuable the more people feel comfortable posting here.  So feel free to share but please maintain respect for other people’s boundaries.

This applies to both information shared between people on this forum and about companies and policies that exist elsewhere.

As a rule of thumb it’s a good idea to use the private messaging system if you have concerns about something being too “confidential” to leak in public and to take conversations “off-record” if they begin to get a little too confidential.

Feel free to contact a moderator if you think it’s a grey area.

You Can Probe for Services, But Don’t Be Tacky

Since this site is industry-specific many conversations will (hopefully) arise where an exchange of business information or services rendered will come up.  That’s great, and you’re welcome to do it but you have to do it the right way.

To use an example, let’s suppose a topic is started with the following message:

Guys, I’m looking to use a fish oil supplement for my health care practice.  Does anyone know of a good supplier or manufacturer to contact for this?

This type of response is not good and will get you banned:


My name is XXX and I work for XXX.  I want to let you know that at XXX we offer high quality blah blah blah at the best prices and I can assure you that we can fulfill your needs here.

What’s good about our company?

Spammy sentence 1.

Spammy sentence 2.

Spammy sentence 3.

Please feel free to contact me if you have additional questions.  In fact if you do it by XXX date I might be able to get you an additional 20% off.

That’s terrible.  This is much better:


My name’s XXX and I work for a manufacturer called XXX.

In general I think if you want to find a fish oil supplier you could look at XXX.  As far as I know you usually have to buy oil’s in 40 gallon quantities at $30/gallon.  If you want more specific numbers I might be able to check for you.

I don’t want to bother you but the company I work for does carry a few different omega-3 supplements that’d allow you to get started in much smaller quantities and if you wanted more details you could either ask them here or PM me.

Thanks and let me know if there are any other ways I can help.

Hopefully you get the idea.  This isn’t very complicated, but there will be a very short leash for people who can’t keep their nose out of the powder.

The best places for unabashed horn tooting are in the “Get to Know You” thread and in your signature.

Get Started the Right Way

If you want to post I highly encourage you to do so.  No need to spend years being a “lurker.”  Make yourself seen!

But it’d probably be best to read through some of the forums a little bit, and then introduce yourself in the “Get to Know You Thread” and tell everyone why you’re here.

Then bombs away!

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